Nomination Period

The Nomination Period is the timeframe during which nominations for candidates for Board positions may be submitted. The Nomination Period for the 2018 elections shall be opened for 10 business days starting on Monday June 1, 2018 and shall close on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 4:00PM.  No nomination will be accepted after the close of the Nomination Period.

Note: The Nomination and Election Oversight Committee (NEOC) in consultation with the President will make a determination whether to re-open the nomination process in the event that the process is under subscribed.


Eligibility for Nomination and Election

The following Nomination Procedure sets out the process by which members may ascend to any Office on the JN+ Board of Directors. 

  1. Candidates who wish to be considered for election to the Board as Officers shall be nominated by a member of JN+ who is in good financial standing, and who has not been suspended from membership. 
  2. Only seropositives (PLHIV) in good financial standing, who have no current suspension or disciplinary action pending against him or her shall be eligible for nomination and election to the post of President, Vice President, Youth Representative or Regional Representative.
  3. Nominees for the offices of Board Secretary or Treasurer shall be Ordinary, Associate or Honorary Members in good financial standing and must not have a current suspension or disciplinary action pending against him or her. 
  4. Nominees for the office Regional Representative must reside in the Health Region for which he or she will serve on the Board.
  5. Nomination Forms duly signed by the nominee and ten (10) nominators shall be delivered to the Secretariat by mail or courier and placed in the Nomination Box provided.

All nominations along with all the required accompanying documents must be submitted on the prescribed form by Thursday February 15, 2018 at 4:00PM.

PLEASE NOTE: You may email your submissions to

You can download the application instructions and forms below:


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