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JN+, as an advocacy membership network, is pleased to partner with community, faith-based, academic, government and private organisations in deploying persons as peer educators and sensitisation trainers to reduce stigma and discrimination in the workplace, community and health centers. JN+ is also interested in expanding its referral network to recognise the multifaceted needs of its members – psychosocial support, nutritional and legal counseling, life skills development, and job readiness. Please contact us with interest in working with us.

Become a Member

Membership is open to PLHIVs and non-PLHIVS, where members can vote and become elected to office, depending on the category of membership. All members in good financial standing whose membership remain valid, are entitled to:

  • A copy of the Constitution
  • Copies of newsletters and other informational material of the Association
  • Minutes of the Biennial General Meeting
  • Annual Reports of the Association
  • Participate in members’ meetings
  • Participate in and receive assistance for JN+ Support Group

Individuals interested in becoming members can apply for membership through the Secretariat


JN+ welcomes volunteers to support our operations in the areas of: administration, outreach, advocacy, finance, case management, and communications.

JN+ also welcomes qualified persons in support group facilitation, peer education, complaint intakes, as well as persons skilled in psychosocial, nutritional, and legal counseling.

To volunteer please sign-up at the following link:


Thank you for your support of JN+. JN+ relies on the generous financial support to support its operations.

Wire transfers can be made to JN+’s bank account at:

Scotia Bank Jamaica Limited

86 Slipe Road, Kingston 5

(876) 968-4345

Account #: 135917, Transit #: 80135

Swift Code: NOSCJMKN


Transfers in US dollars:

JP Morgan Chase

270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Account #: 135917, Routing #: 021000021, IBN#: 001058608

Membership Access

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