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JN+, as an advocacy membership network, is pleased to partner with community, faith-based, academic, government and private organisations in deploying persons as peer educators and sensitisation trainers to reduce stigma and discrimination in the workplace, community and health centers. JN+ is also interested in expanding its referral network to recognise the multifaceted needs of its members – psychosocial support, nutritional and legal counseling, life skills development, and job readiness. Please contact us with interest in working with us.

Become a Member

Membership is open to PLHIVs and non-PLHIVS, where members can vote and become elected to office, depending on the category of membership. All members in good financial standing whose membership remain valid, are entitled to:

  • A copy of the Constitution
  • Copies of newsletters and other informational material of the Association
  • Minutes of the Biennial General Meeting
  • Annual Reports of the Association
  • Participate in members’ meetings
  • Participate in and receive assistance for JN+ Support Group

Individuals interested in becoming members can apply for membership through the Secretariat


JN+ welcomes volunteers to support our operations in the areas of: administration, outreach, advocacy, finance, case management, and communications.

JN+ also welcomes qualified persons in support group facilitation, peer education, complaint intakes, as well as persons skilled in psychosocial, nutritional, and legal counseling.

Expressions of interest may be directed to the Secretariat.


Thank you for your support of JN+. JN+ relies on the generous financial support to support its operations.

Wire transfers can be made to JN+’s bank account at:

Scotia Bank Jamaica Limited

86 Slipe Road, Kingston 5

(876) 968-4345

Account #: 135917, Transit #: 80135

Swift Code: NOSCJMKN


Transfers in US dollars:

JP Morgan Chase

270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Account #: 135917, Routing #: 021000021, IBN#: 001058608

Membership Access

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