National HIV-Related Discrimination Reporting and Redress System

The National HIV-Related Discrimination Reporting and Redress System (NHDRRS) is a system that collects and investigates complaints of HIV-related discrimination across Jamaica and refers them to the appropriate entities for redress. The first complaint was documented through JN+ in 2005, but the NHDRRS was formally established in 2007 with funding from USAID and the Ministry of Health. Guided by an Advisory Group consisting of multisectoral partners, JN+ coordinates the NHDRRS with financial and technical support from the Enabling Environment & Human Rights Unit of the National Family Planning Board (NFPB).

JN+’s role within the system is to document HIV-related discrimination against persons living with HIV and AIDS. Complaints can be reported to several different organizations:

  • JN+: in-office, online, or by phone at (876) 929-7340
  • Adherence counsellors and social workers at hospitals and treatment sites
  • Jamaica AIDS Support for Life
  • Red Cross Jamaica
  • Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition
  • J-Flag

Within 30 days of receipt, JN+ contacts the complainant for an interview. After the interview, a file is created for follow-up by an investigative team appointed by the NHDRRS advisory group, who examines and determines the validity of the accusations, and then make recommendations for redress. An established entity then performs the redress intervention in collaboration with JN+, such as counselling, advice, litigation, and advocacy. The case can be closed at the complainant's request, at the investigative team's recommendation, or when the redress intervention is complete.

Please see the complaint form to report an incident of HIV-related discrimination that you have witnessed or experienced.

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